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Bring your bike

Bicycle transport may be limited on some services. A great alternative: rental bikes!

Taking a bike with you on public transport in South Tyrol is subject to a charge, and the capacity for transporting bikes may be limited for reasons of space and safety. Please note that transporting passengers will always be given priority over bicycles, and that increased passenger numbers may require on-board staff to refuse access with a bike. But there are a number of options and alternatives to choose from.

Day pass to transport a bike: 7 EUR
Day passes for bicycle transport are available from all südtirolmobil ticket machines, ticket offices and sales points. They can be used for unlimited journeys on the day on which you first activate them. Remember to check in at the start of each journey.

Day pass to transport a bike using a Südtirol Pass: 3.50 EUR
Use your Südtirol Pass, Euregio Family Pass or, if you have activated the payment function, any Südtirol Pass abo+ or Südtirol Pass 65+ to conveniently pay for unlimited bike transports within one day. Remember to check in at the start of each journey. The maximum total fare you will pay per day is 3.50 EUR.

These fares apply to all südtirolmobil public transport within South Tyrol and on regional trains all the way to Trento. For train journeys going south beyond Trento, interregional bike tickets are available from Trenitalia. For train journeys going north or east beyond the border, bike tickets are available from ÖBB and VVT for the Austrian leg of your journey (e.g. Brennero/Brenner – Innsbruck or San Candido/Innichen – Lienz).

Separate tickets for transporting bicycles are available for cable-car journeys to Colle/Kohlern, Meltina/Mölten, Verano/Vöran and Maranza/Meransen.

Bicycles that can be transported for free include:

  • children's bikes (up to 20''),
  • folded bicycles and unicycles (in the luggage compartment or stowed in a bag when travelling on a bus),
  • bike trailers: free of charge when travelling on a train; must be detached from the bicycle,
  • handcycles/recumbent bikes: free of charge when travelling on a train; can only be transported on a bus if there is space in the luggage compartment.

Kick scooters and motorised/electric scooters, as long as they are folded, can generally be carried free of charge as hand luggage. Alternatively, on trains, scooters and e-scooters can also be carried without being folded – at the same rate as for transporting a bicycle.

Transporting bicycles: where and how many?

Regional trains: Transporting bikes is possible as long as there is sufficient space. Regional trains have room for 16-20 bikes in designated compartments. Please note that it is not possible to reserve a space.

A large amount of bicycles on platforms and trains can be problematic and a safety risk. If excessive demand causes safety concerns, the railway staff can limit the number of bicycles transported, and there is no guarantee that all passengers – even those with a valid ticket – can board the train with their bicycles.

During the summer months, due to increased passenger numbers there is a separate bike shuttle service to accompany most train services between Merano/Meran and Malles/Mals. For more information and to book, check out the section below or call +39 0473 201 500.



Regional buses: Bicycles can only be carried on a select few regional buses, as most vehicles do not have sufficient storage space.

Some routes serving popular excursion destinations use buses equipped with bicycle racks offering room for 5-6 bikes. In the timetables, those journeys are marked with an “A”. Bus stops where bicycles can be loaded are marked with a bike symbol. Please note that it is not possible to transport e-bikes.

In spring, summer and autumn of 2023, some buses on the following routes will be equipped with bicycle racks:

  • 273 Malles/Mals – Martina (01 May – 05 November 2023)
  • 245 Merano/Meran – Lana – Val d'Ultimo/Ulten (26 March – 05 November 2023)
  • 184 Pietralba/Weissenstein – Passo Costalunga/Karerpass – Passo Oclini/Jochgrimm – Bolzano/Bozen (03 June – 15 October 2023)
  • 321 Bressanone/Brixen – S. Andrea/St. Andrä – Plose (03 April – 05 October 2023)
  • 445 Dobbiaco/Toblach – Cortina (17 June – 05 November 2023)


Urban and Citybuses: Transporting bicycles is not possible on urban and Citybus services.

südtirolmobil cable-cars: On cable-car services to and from Renon/Ritten and on the Mendola/Mendel funicular, the standard südtirolmobil fares for transporting bikes apply (7 EUR for a day pass or 3.50 EUR with a Südtirol Pass). For cable-car journeys to and from Colle/Kohlern, Meltina/Mölten, Verano/Vöran and Maranza/Meransen, separate tickets must be purchased to transport bicycles.

Renon/Ritten light railway: Bicycle transport is not available on this service.

Venosta/Vinschgau valley: bike transport shuttle service

Due to increased passenger numbers during peak tourist season, a separate bike shuttle van is available to accompany train an bus services between Merano/Meran and Malles/Mals from l3 May 2023.

2023: Venosta/Vinschgau valley rail service temporarily suspended

In 2023, due to the construction works to electrify the railway line serving the Venosta/Vinschgau valley, things will be slightly different: The section between Merano/Meran and Tel/Töll will remain closed until early autumn. From 5 June, train services will only run on week days, more specifically during the day from Monday to Friday. In the later evening hours as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there will be no trains in the entire valley, but instead rail replacement services by bus.


Bicycle transport still available

From 05/06/2023 to 29/10/2023, a separate bicycle transport service for a maximum of 30 bikes is available along the railway line serving the Venosta/Vinschgau valley.

On weekdays from Monday to Friday and on 12, 13, 15, 19 and 20 August: bicycle transport from Merano/Meran to Malles/Mals:

  • Departures from Merano/Meran train station at 9:16, 10:16, 15:16 and 16:16

Bicycle drop-off: only at Merano/Meran train station (bus platform Z), max. 30-5 minutes before departure.
Bicycle pick-up: from the stations of Naturno/Naturns, Laces/Latsch, Silandro/Schlanders, Spondigna/Spondinig and Malles/Mals.


On Saturdays and Sundays (except 12-13 and 19-20 August): bicycle transport from Merano/Meran to Malles/Mals and vice-versa:

  • Departures from Merano/Meran train station (bus platform Z):   9:16, 10:16, 15:16 and 16:16
  • Departures from Malles/Mals train station:  11:16, 12:16, 17:16 and 18:16

Bicycle drop-off and pick-up: at Merano/Meran train station, Naturno Municipio/Naturns Rathaus (bus stop) and the train stations in Laces/Latsch, Silandro/Schlanders, Spondigna/Spondinig and Malles/Mals.

Booking required a minimum of 24 hours before departure:  +39 0473 201500 (8:00-18:00) or


Tickets and prices

The ticket and fare for the shuttle service is the same as for taking a bike on the train: a day pass for transporting bicycles (EUR 7) or an additional check-in with a Südtirol Pass (EUR 3.50 for a full day). Both can be paid for using our mobile ticketing services in the südtirolmobil app. In addition, day passes for transporting bicycles are also available from ticket counters.

Larger groups can book their bicycle transport service by calling +39 0473 201500 (8:00 – 18:00).

A great alternative: rental bikes!

Combine your excursions by bike and public transport: To avoid overcrowding on trains, we have launched a cooperation with private bike rental agencies that includes about two dozen locations at many stations in all of South Tyrol.

The all-rounder ticket: Throughout the warmer season, our bikemobil Card combines public transport in all of South Tyrol and the use of rental bikes for one full day. No need to worry about transporting your bike on busy trains – simply pick up a bike from any one of the many participating locations, explore the surroundings at your leisure and return it at any rental point you like.

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