Faulty tickets

What to do if your ticket isn't working

The right to use public transport is subject to the possession of a valid ticket – in other words, you must have successfully validated your ticket by checking in. Here's what to do if your ticket is faulty:

Visibly damaged tickets

If your ticket is visibly damaged, you will need to buy a valid ticket before the start of your journey.

Tickets with no visible damage

Here's what to do if your ticket is not visibly damaged but no longer functional due to a defect:

Südtirol Pass and Euregio Family Pass: Before starting your journey, you will need to buy a valid ticket. You can apply for a free replacement and ask for the difference between the fare of the purchased ticket and that of your Südtirol Pass to be refunded.

Single-fare tickets: You will need to buy a valid ticket before the start of your journey. To have the faulty card replaced and the remaining credit transferred/refunded, simply contact any südtirolmobil ticket counter.

Südtirol Pass abo+, Südtirol Pass 65+, Südtirol Pass free: You may travel provided that you immediately notify an on-board member of staff that your ticket is faulty and order a replacement ticket without delay.

Single tickets and day passes for transporting bicycles and for travel on urban buses are valid on the day on which you first activate them and can only be used on that day.

Mobilcard, museumobil Card, bikemobil Card and Südtirol Guest Pass: If one of these tickets cannot be read and validated due to a defect, you can still use it on that day and then have it replaced without delay at any südtirolmobil ticket counter, tourist office or your accommodation facility.

Ticket validation machine malfunction

If you are trying to check in to validate your ticket and the machine is not working properly or has “swallowed” your ticket, please alert the bus driver, on-board staff or any südtirolmobil service point (contact@suedtirolmobil.info) to ensure that the problem can be solved without delay.
If you have had to purchase a new ticket because of a validation machine defect, you are entitled to a refund for that ticket: Simply fill in the form available on this website and submit it together with the ticket.

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