Vinschgau Valley closed
Entire route closed from June 5th in the evenings and during weekends / Bus service replacement
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Pre-paid cards

Flexible and independent: the ticket that's always ready to go

Flexible travel – anywhere and any time: If you only use public transport occasionally, a pre-paid card is the ideal ticket choice for you. And there's more: You can even share it with others!

Pre-paid cards with 10, 25 or 50 EUR worth of credit are available:

Fares: 12 cents per km in your respective price category (rounded to the nearest cent). Minimum fare per journey: 1.20 EUR. Different fares apply on südtirolmobil cable-car services and the Renon/Ritten light railway.

Pre-paid cards are extremely flexible. They can be used:

  • on all buses and trains within the entire südtirolmobil network and on regional trains all the way to Trento,
  • by several people making the same journey together: Simply re-insert the card into the ticket machine for each new passenger; and
  • on cross-border train services to Innsbruck or Lienz (regional trains only; all journeys within Austria are charged at the official ÖBB rate).

Please note that they are not valid on long-distance or high-speed rail services, Nightliner bus journeys and to transport pets or bikes.

How to use pre-paid cards

When you use your pre-paid card, the price of that journey is automatically deducted from your credit. The remaining credit is shown on the back of your card and can be used for further travelling.

Regional and Citybus services: Simply hand the driver your pre-paid card and say where you'd like to travel to.

Urban buses (journeys within one fare zone): Insert your pre-paid card into the blue ticket validation machine from above. All journeys within 60 minutes made in the same fare zone are charged as a single journey.

südtirolmobil cable-cars: Simply insert your pre-paid card into the ticket validation machine from above.

Train stations and the Renon/Ritten light railway: Insert your pre-paid card into the blue ticket validation machine from above, enter the code of your destination and confirm your selection on the display. A list of all train station codes can be found next to the blue ticket validation machines.

What to do in case of insufficient credit: If the credit remaining on your pre-paid card is not enough to pay for your journey, simply add a second card: Press +2 on the ticket validation machine and insert an additional pre-paid card. If you would like to cancel the payment, simply press EXIT on the ticket validation machine.

Same journey, additional passenger: Simply insert your pre-paid card into the ticket validation machine a second time and press the symbol displaying a person.


Your pre-paid card is valid for two years from the day on which it is first used. After that, any remaining credit can be redeemed within one year at any südtirolmobil ticket counter: Credit worth EUR 10 or more can be refunded in cash. If your remaining credit is less than EUR 10, it will be transferred to a new pre-paid card.

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