Vinschgau Valley closed
Entire route closed from June 5th in the evenings and during weekends / Bus service replacement
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Passengers are taking an electric urban bus.

BusCard Meran und Umgebung

Convenient and flexible: one ticket for any bus in and around Merano/Meran

Planning a break in Merano/Meran or one of the quaint villages and hamlets near it? There's no need to bring your car: Your BusCard Meran und Umgebung gives you seven days' worth of unlimited travel on any of the many buses connecting the city and its surroundings.

To validate and use your ticket, remember to check in at the start of each journey: Simply hold it in front of the sensor of the blue ticket validation machines when boarding the bus. There's no need to enter a destination code.

Before you start using your ticket, remember to write down your name and the date on the back. Your ticket is valid for seven consecutive days starting from the day on which you first activate it.

BusCard Meran und Umgebung passes are non-transferable, personalised contactless tickets that may not be used by another person. Pick up yours from any tourist office or a participating accommodation facility in and around Merano/Meran.

Price for a seven-day pass: 16 EUR.

Included bus routes

One ticket for unlimited journeys on countless buses in and around Merano/Meran:

Urban bus routes in Merano/Meran: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, N13

Regional and Citybus routes:

201 Merano/Meran – Bolzano/Bozen: applicable section: Merano/Meran – Terlano/Terlan
202 Terlano/Terlan – Andriano/Andrian – Nalles/Nals – Vilpiano/Vilpian
204 applicable section: Avelengo/Hafling – Verano/Vöran – Meltina/Mölten – Terlano/Terlan
210 Merano/Meran – Sinigo/Sinich – Lana zona industriale/Industriezone – Lana – Lana-Postal/Burgstall train station
211 Lana-Postal/Burgstall train station – Lana – Merano/Meran
212 Marlengo/Marling train station – Merano/Meran
213 Parcines/Partschins – Lagundo/Algund – Merano/Meran
214 Lana – Foiana/Völlan
215 Citybus Lana – Postal/Burgstall – Gargazzone/Gargazon
216 Lana – Tesimo/Tisens – Prissiano/Prissian – Nalles/Nals – Vilpiano/Vilpian
217 Foresta/Forst – Lagundo/Algund – Merano/Meran
221 Tirolo/Dorf Tirol – Merano/Meran
222 Monte S. Benedetto/Segenbühel, chairlift – Tirolo Croce/Tiroler Kreuz
223 Tirolo/Dorf Tirol – Caines/Kuens – Ungericht
224 Tirolo/Dorf Tirol – Rifiano/Riffian – Vernurio/Vernuer
225 Merano/Meran – Avelengo/Hafling – Falzeben, Verano/Vöran
231 Merano/Meran – Scena/Schenna – Verdines/Verdins
232 Scena/Schenna – Trauttmansdorff – Funivie Merano 2000/Talstation Bergbahnen Meran 2000 (cable-car valley station) – Scena/Schenna
233 Funivia Taser/Talstation Seilbahn Taser (cable-car valley station) – Scena/Schenna – S. Giorgio/St. Georgen
235 Velloi/Vellau – Lagundo/Algund – Merano/Meran
236 Merano/Meran – Castel Torre/Thurnstein
237 Citybus Lagundo/Algund
239 Passo Giovo/Jaufenpass – Valtina/Walten – S. Leonardo/St. Leonhard
240 Merano/Meran – Val Passiria/Passeier
241 Corvara/Rabenstein – Stulles/Stuls – Moso/Moos
242 Val Passiria/Passeier – Passo Rombo/Timmelsjoch
243 S. Gertrude/St. Gertraud – Lago Fontana Bianca/Weissbrunnsee
244 Lauregno/Deutschnonsberg – Val d'Ultimo/Ulten
245 Merano/Meran – Val d'Ultimo/Ulten
246 Merano/Meran – Passo Palade/Gampenpass – Fondo
251 Merano/Meran – Naturno/Naturns – Silandro/Schlanders: applicable section: Merano/Meran – Stava/Staben
261 Naturno/Naturns – Val Senales/Schnalstal
265 Cascata/Wasserfall – Parcines/Partschins – Rablà/Rabland
266 Funivia Texel/Talstation Texelbahn (cable-car valley station) – Naturno/Naturns
335 Val Passiria/Passeier – Passo Rombo/Timmelsjoch – Obergurgl
  Skibus Avelengo/Hafling
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